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Lake Nona Home Values

Median Value

In Lake Nona, the median price for a home in the 32827-zip code is $635K.  The average price per square foot for a home is about $284.

Lake Nona, as of April 2022, is a seller’s market. There are currently more people looking to buy in this area than there are homes available.

What makes Lake Nona such a desirable place to live?

Lake Nona is known as the Medical City of Central Florida and has many job opportunities in the medical field. With the Orlando International Airport only a ten-minute commute, it’s also a popular place for workers in the aviation field. In Lake Nona, there are many newer homes, above-average rated schools, sustainably and modern designed homes, several sports and training facilities, private golf and country clubs, and forty-four miles of walking trails, making it easy to stay active! Also centrally located, the closest beach is about a 40-minute drive and Lake Nona is about a half-hour drive from Orlando’s famous attractions, including Disney World!

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